Thursday, November 4, 2010


I must admit that I am slacking on making my Christmas gifts. I need to get in gear and make sure that I have them all done. Dakotah and I went last night to find a Christmas puzzle or a winter scene so that we as a family could put it together on a table in the office however puzzles must not be very popular. We went to 6 stores and only found 3 puzzles that met our requirements, two of them we found at the very last store. The one puzzle was so very small that we all would have been blind by the time we were finished putting it together. As the holidays are approaching there are many things that are floating in my thoughts. I am not sure how to sort them all out. Thoughts of family and love, traditions and my children, what I am teaching them about and through each holiday, what each holiday means to them and what they are taking with them. I want them to know some very specific things and I am searching and asking God how to put it all together outside of my mind. First and foremost I want my family to walk in love. Love that heals and comforts a love that sees beyond the hurt and pain of others, a love that see past someones outward appearance, past someones status, past all natural things and gives of themselves all the while not counting the cost. I wonder so they see this in me? Do they see me walk this out every day of my life? Am I living a life with the love of Christ Jesus? I am afraid that every single day I fall short but praise God I have a Father in Heaven who is faithful to forgive and will never forsake me. Thank God that my Father will never allow me to stay the same. I am thankful that He is gentle and patient. I would love to hear your hearts, so if you are comfortable to share, I would love to hear it :)


Kathy C. said...

Did you try the dollar store for puzzles? Ours here has quite a few all the time. DOn't know about a snow scene though.

Tammie said...

I love puzzles too. We don't have anyplace to work on them except the kitchen table. I am looking for one of those mats that we can roll up when we are done but still keep the puzzle together.

Each year our family seems to creat new traditions and tweek the old ones during this time of year. For me, I love how it starts at the beginning of November and lasts all the way through to January 1st! This is truely my favorite time of year!

Bill and Christina said...

I tried the dollar stores first. Hobby Lobby had one that I loved it was $12.99 and Walmart had two that we liked for $8 or 9.

It's not so much that I love puzzles but that I love the idea of our family buliding something together.