Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun with School

So one of the fun math games that we play here whether you are learning to multiply, add or subtract is well- I really don't have a name for it so we will just call it dice math. So at the dollar store years ago I bought these very large dice, we roll them and then multiply what ever two numbers come up or add or subtract. They don't see it as math but just a fun game to play with mom or even by themselves. To do the higher numbers we use three die and add two together and multiply it by the third one. Does that make sense? I hope so.

For my ESL child I am using word slides (which you can find here) and spelling tiles. I find that if I address all of the senses she learns better. So the slides are guides for her and then I make her use the tiles to make tactile slides. With that are these dry erase cards that I picked up at the Dollar Store years ago. I punched holes in the corner and put them on a key ring.


 I am also going to try the tiles with the spelling words. As I say them she will build them with the tiles. We will see. She was doing so well and then she graduated from one book to the next and now it is not good.

Today's preschooler craft is similar to yesterday's as it is another fall tree however they are painted fall tree's. I have dotters or whatever they are called, like what they use for bingo, (no I have never played Bingo) and I thought it would be great fun for them to pound out their creation's today. I am trying to use what I have here at the house in creative ways. I hope you enjoy them:)

What are some creative things that you do with your children? I would love to hear them:)


Kathy C. said...

An easy project is to pour bubbles in a few different bowls. Add a different food color to each. Blow the bubbles so that they splatter on paper. It makes a cool splatter picture and sometimes the colors blend and mix on the page and you can talk about what colors mix together to make other colors.

Bill and Christina said...

Thank you Kathy!

The dB family said...

So Bingo dabbers? I've never thought of using them. I think they still sell them at the dollar store here...

Absolutely love what you're doing with the dice. I think I'm going to put a set in our van!


Bill and Christina said...

Thank you Deborah! The kids love it! The one learning multiplication brings them to me wanting to play:)

I would love to hear how your kids like it.